Mere pral | More brag

Now I have started bragging about my placement in the photo competition, I better continue.
Actually one of my images came out as 3rd in B&W  in a local competition.
I’ll wait and show the rest later

Nu jeg er begyndt at prale, kan jeg lige så godt fortsætte.
Faktisk fik jeg også et billede på en tredjeplads i kategorien monokrom i Herlev Fotoklub.
Resten må vente til senere.

10 tanker om “Mere pral | More brag”

  1. What a stylish photo ! A great blending of light and darkness, the curves softening the straight lines at the top. Félicitations Carsten, you really deserved this 3rd place.B&W is just perfect for this shot.

  2. Your comments are very welcome Isa.
    Actually I’m in doubt. Maybe the top with the straight lines should be cropped away, just under the light trapez shaped part.
    Try to ‘scroll’ the top away.
    Dear visitor, what do you think?

  3. I did as you asked and scrolled the trapèze away. It gives you a completely different picture, totally abstract, not easy to guess. The black borders framing and highlighting the light curves.
    But… on the other hand the trapèze adds this little odd touch that I really like in your picture.

  4. I like the mystery of the image as posted, the eye drawn from cool, precise shapes toward the indistinct future. (OK, probably I read too much into these things. But I like doing that.)

    1. Please continue reading abstract associations. It is interesting. Thanks Gerry.
      …I hope you get the meaning I try to write. The translater gives absolutely meaningless combinations of correct danish words.

      1. I like thinking about your photos, turning them this way and that in my mind. I never know whether I see something that you intended or impose my own perspective on the work, but in the end it doesn’t matter. The image itself stays the same. My view changes.

        I think your English is very expressive. To use any language to discuss art is a challenge. To do it in a second language is an extraordinary achievement.

  5. What a wonderful B & W image. No wonder you won a prize! You deserved it. I like the way you composed this photo. Not many people stop to look up.

    1. Thank you Karen. You are right, there is always something to see. It is just a question of direction and where the light plays in our surroundings.

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