Færdig | Finished

Endelig færdig med at save, kløve, hjembringe og stable 13,4 kfm bøgetræ.
Finally finished cutting and chopping all this. -And stacking it after bringing it home in a wheelbarrow.
There should have been a person in the image for scale. The logs are 9 ft. long.

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  1. You did all this work ? this is a lot ! I suppose you will not be able to use them before a year or two ? These logs look like real hard wood, great for your fireplace, keeping you warm 🙂

    1. It is beech-wood. You are right, it is hard. But it is relatively easy to chop when it is fresh. It will not be dry enough for the coming winter, but next year perhaps…
      I have already been warm several times thanks to this wood 🙂

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