10 tanker om “Mouse & Cat”

  1. The cat caught a mouse. Although it was a very tiny mouse, it was smart.
    The cat doesn’t kill the mice before they try to escape. This little fellow moved when the cat looked elsewhere. So it made it for our ‘hammock’.
    The cat behaved as it didn’t understand what was going on, and the little mouse kept running for its life. Finally it reached the top and the cat couldn’t find it.
    From there it was a long life saving jump – 2-3 feet to the bushes.

  2. Your cat looks quite a bit like Miss Puss. The crafty little mouse looks nothing like anyone I know. You captured that sequence so neatly that I am inspired to ask whether you were in the hammock when the whole adventure began?

  3. Our cat is named Max. His predecessor disappeared. We saw an ad in the local newspaper about a ‘found’ cat which could be ours. It wasn’t, but we ‘ adopted’ him instead.
    No, I do not have time to lie in the hammock 🙂 I’m supposed to split logs in the wood (13-14 tons of beech) ….. That is the reason I’m not blogging much for the time being!
    I saw the little mouse on the lawn, and grabbed my camera to take a picture. Then I just followed what happened .

  4. If you hadn’t said your cat’s name, I would have said his name was Tom and the mouse’s, Jerry. (Reference Tom and Jerry cartoons if you are interested.) I think you keep your cat well feed. 🙂

    1. 🙂 They have been figting since I was a boy.
      I think he’s getting ready for the winter.
      Actually, he’s not that fat, but has an awful lot of loose belly skin and fur.

  5. I love this sequence! You told the story nicely through the photos, even without the explanation in the comment.

  6. That’s a smart little mouse, he knew where to hide and even looked back to see if the cat was behind him. This made me think of Tom and Jerry also, I used to watch the cartoon when I was little.

  7. Love this series…I’m glad the little guy didn’t meet with an unfortunate end (this time, that is). Thanks for sharing!


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