10 tanker om “The banana house”

    1. You’re right Gerry. It’s NOT a banana!
      These bowls could hold a L O T of candy. 🙂
      Click on the image for an enlarged version.

  1. Wow! That is an amazing amount of fruit on one single plant.
    About the large glass house: I think it is named “The palm house” now. But when I was a kid, we called it the banana house. They had a large banana plant inside – they still have, I guess – and we children had heard so much about bananas and that they were impossible to buy during WWII and long time after.

  2. Beautiful greenhouse and garden ! These bowls are very pretty, they look (larger size) like those Italian ice creams “cassata” 🙂 That is an inviting picture and nice place to be on a Summer day.

  3. This botanical garden is in the centre of Copenhagen. It is a wonderful place for relaxing or for studying special plants.
    It is the first time I see these large bowls.
    Italian ice! It sounds tempting…

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