Sand, water and light.

After spending a l o o o o n g time trying to figure out how to present a slideshow I changed my mind and post this instead. -I think there may be a function in the hosted wordpress to make slideshows. I can’t find a useful plugin for my site here. If anyone knows how to do, I’d be glad to know.

Fresh water is making many interesting patterns crossing the flat beach.
Click to view larger images.

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  1. The collage is fine, too!

    I’ve seen Gerry do it so a slideshow can be done. Sometimes you have to turn on functions in the Appearance area. Total guess here as I have not looked into it myself.

    I’ll be commenting on your photo essays soon!

    1. Thanks Scott – but the collage was not my goal. I wanted to show a series of images where the presentation as a slide show is essential.
      I still can’t figure out how to do it. I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that I have wordpress installed on my own site, and Gerry and the most of you use blogs hosted on wordpress.
      I have found a plugin with a slideshoe function but it does not work with my database.
      My php- and databaseskills are not good enough to solve that problem..

    2. If Gerry can do it anyone can . . . 🙂

      Carsten, I hadn’t registered that you have a self-hosted blog. I don’t know how the slideshow works there, although I’m sure there’s a way. You can always send me links to the photos and I can make a slideshow for your guest post on TLV. Heh heh.

  2. Fabulous patterns and shades ! I like the collage too; wouldn’t it be great to print and frame it ? In any case, it is well worth having a closer look at the beach and its ever changing forms and colours. Well done, Carsten.

  3. Thanks Isabelle. Your comments are very much appreciated.
    The beach is loaded with motives. And colors. I might show some of them in a future post.

  4. I like these beautiful, creative and almost abstract shots from the beach (Grenen?!) What a brilliant idea! And it looks like you solved the wordpress-problem about showing slideshows? – Specially the waves I find very successful 🙂 How do you make the slideshow?

  5. These images were shot at Kandestederne. If you take a look in Google Earth, you will see spots of colored sand near some of the concrete bunkers from WWII. And from the dunes, probably because of hidden iron. I’ll show some pictures of that later.
    The slideshows are made with a plugin called NextGEN Gallery. I do not think you can install it on the hosted version of wordpress, but correct me if I’m wrong.

  6. this is a really great series; I love the way the light and texture complement each other. it would make a great series framed next to one another on the wall, just the way you have it shown on the webpage

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