Skagens Gren

Water and sand
– Just another response to Scott Thomas’ assignment.

This years summer vacation brought us to the northmost point of Denmark. Skagens gren.

The image is copied from Google Earth

To the north and west of this sand bank is Skagerrak, where the North Sea fills the gap between Denmark and Norway. To east and south is ‘Kattegat’ which connects to the Danish belts and then the Baltic sea.

The water here is never calm. The waves from the two sides meet and interfere. The day we were there it was relatively quiet, but there are strong currents and bathing is forbidden at all times.

When the small waves meet and interfere they can rise to several times their original heigth. I could not make anyone go into the water to show you the size of the waves 🙂

The scenery – and just standing at the tip of Denmark – is a must for tourists. People walk from the parking place (20-30 min.) or they take the ‘Sandworm’,a heavy duty wagon pulled by a tractor. The last 100 m you’ll have to walk.

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  1. Oh my! That looks like one of those places where a person can cross a broad expanse of water on a sandbar, if a person is paying strict attention to the time and not lollygagging. If I tried to do something like that I would surely drown. But it does look exhilarating.

    1. Thanks Truels.
      This image was shot on THE day with a little rain – which was very good for visiting Skagens Kunstmuseum.
      I have seen several of the paintings before when they have been at ‘Lousiana’ or ‘Arken’, but seeing them all at ‘home’ is a special experience. It is a nice little museum with a lot of exceptional paintings.

    1. You don’t have to feel cold. The temperature was ok – even for a swim. Not here of course.
      But the people in front using raincoats are by no doubt Danish. Prepared for the Danish summer weather 🙂

  2. Your description of “just standing at the tip of Denmark”, no kidding it looks like the waves could crash in from both sides. I love the waves of the first photo, I even see a ship in the background. It looks like a painting.

    1. The waves do come from both sides. It is not possible to be where we were standing when the weather is worse.
      There are many ships in this fairway. All ships to and from the Baltic sea must pass Skagen.

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