6 tanker om “Pomodoro”

  1. Handsome labels. Have you decided to spend time at a market looking for oddball stories? (Worked well for me, except for the tired feet problem!) Or are you planning to cook up a large pot of chili . . .

    1. Ha, ha 🙂 Here is the short story:
      We wandered our way into an Italian combined shop/restaurant in ‘Hells Kitchen’ in NYC. The shelves were almost empty but there were plenty of these large cans (6 LB + 6 Oz). I liked the colorful labels on the black background. So: Click, click.

  2. It’s a nice color contrast, I like the dark background. If it’s at my house it would be chicken noodle soup cans. 🙂

  3. We just had a late lunch at home but these pomodoro cans make me feel like lasagna or a bologna sauce or chili con carne. Quite a choice when you like pomodoro 🙂 Nice pic by the way !

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