12 tanker om “Season: Fall”

  1. How great are those shots, and I note the missing tree by the bench too. Love the mood in both images, but especially the ethereal mood of the mist… Beautifully done…

  2. I see that they cut down the tall tree next to the bench. This is very neat, I think I have one or two photos of the same location but in different season.

    1. Yes. In a way they stopped my photo series. The tree should not have been cut, but the bark was seriously injured by one of their large mashines….

  3. I can see that many bloggers are going to be rummaging through the archives looking for seasonal or annual images that tell a story about a particular spot. It’s a fascinating enterprise.

    I love the misty photo, too.

  4. Excellent pictures, the first has a special atmosphere because of the mist. Yes, it’s a pretty good idea returning to a scene several times taking photos in different circumstances. Great inspiration here!

  5. Wow! Beautiful shots! I agree with everyone that the first is especially magical with the mist and the trees just fading away…! Perfect composition!

    1. Thanks Kai. I have always liked taking pictures in mist and fog. Unfortunately mist and light are not always friends.

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