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  1. I love how the streets are decorated for Christmas. It was (and still is I’m sure) the same in Germany, and it’s one of the things I miss most around this time of year.
    The snow makes it look even more festive.

    1. Usually the decorations serve an important role in the dark December: A beautiful source of light! But with all this snow there is plenty of light all 24 hours.

  2. Hope you have finished buying your presents.
    Nice slide show – Birgitte showed me how to do this – I must give it a try in 2011.
    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

    1. The last present is in the bag. You can see it in the glass ball – which I shot through the window at an antique dealer. It is a watch for my wife – but don’t tell. It’s a secret 🙂
      Glædelig jul til dig og dine Truels.

  3. That red bicycle, and that red coat, are just wonderful. What a nice shopping trip! I’m inspired. I’m going to go out this afternoon and send off some, um, belated presents. Oh dear. Look at the time.

  4. Enjoyed all the photos. Still wondering how those bicycles go in all that snow. Seems very dangerous to me. BTW, if you have a WordPress.com blog, slideshows are now available. I’ll have one on my blog next week.

    1. I’m not an expert on bicycling in Copenhagen. But that day I could have used one. We drove in car in the city. It took TWO hour to go 1.8 km!!! I could have done it in 5-10 minutes on bike, or 20 minutes walking…
      I have seen that Gerry and Birgitte use the wordpress.com slideshow, but my blog is self-hosted, so I use a plugin called: “NextGen”

  5. I’ve never seen Copenhagen in the winter, so I thoroughly enjoyed your slide show. Every photo beckoned me, but particularly the one with the red bicycle. It dared me to jump on and began a treacherous ride through busy streets.

    1. I have never seen so much winter in Copenhagen before. It is the first time since recordings started, that we have white Christmas two years in a row.
      In the summertime there are free bicycles for use in the city. You put in a coun to unlock it and get it back again when you are finished using the bike.

  6. I love this vidéo, it is so alive and animated ! Did you realize Carsten that in every picture there is touch of red ? In all of them but one… maybe the red touch is hidden in your shopping bag 😉 a red watch ?

  7. I love the picture shot at close vicinity of the glass ball, it’s awesome.

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