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  1. Looks like Danish sushi. I tried some of these when the Norway pavilion at Epcot had a buffet filled with such delicacies. Sadly, America didn’t take to it and they have since turned the restaurant into a princess meal. I liked trying the different seafoods.

    1. It might look a little ‘sushi-like’ -but it’s far from. To the left is pieces of smoked liver of cod placed on ‘rygeost’ a fresh chese slightly smoked.
      In the middle, the red salad is pickled beetroot and cucumber with herring and egg. Finally herring marinated in spices.
      The Herrings are salted imediately after they are caught. This was the only way to preserve them before our days with freezers. Before use they are put in fresh water – once if you want them very salty – several times if you dont. Afterwards they can be marinated in vinegar and sugar as these above.
      Absolutely not fresh fish as in Sushi!

  2. Chopped onions and capers at lunch . . . better spend the afternoon with the people who sat at the same table! But it certainly is pretty.

    1. This lunch took several hours so we had time to equalize the different ‘fragrances’ 🙂
      At the end we had chese. An old one. Very old! Served with meat jelly and onions on the top.

  3. I would have to eat these with hot sauce and rice. 🙂

    Do you shoot your image in JPEG or RAW? I’ve not tried RAW and I’m wondering if I’m missing something.

    1. I do not think it would be nice with hot sauce, but I’d give it a try if you served it. 🙂
      I shoot in both RAW and JPEG. The RAW quality is far much better. But only if you have to get the most of it. Either for enhancing details in tonal range or for prints. For these small images om the blog it is not that important.
      But give it a try Ginger..

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