December 09

In Denmark there are around 26.000 tumuli. These could very well be from the period between 5.000 B.C. and 2.000 B.C
All the tumili are protected – else they would slowly be leveled with the ground because of the intense agriculture…(click)

3 tanker om “December 09”

  1. The trees look beautiful with their coats of frost.

    I just went wandering around the web learning about tumuli and thinking they look remarkably like the mounds the glaciers left here. Now I’m curious about whether any archaeologists have ever excavated the mounds of Eden Shores . . .

    1. They have.
      And I have visited several of these old places. I can ensure you that they are man made. I have not seen any human leftovers, but I am sure they were made to honor their dead ancestors.

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