Getting bigger…

Frida and Farmor – Grandma.
Are we getting older as fast as she’s getting bigger? She is learning new things every day and doesn’t have time for sleeping all day.

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  1. I am positive that you are not getting older. There is something in the rule book about it, section leventy-something. Grandchildren make you young. It is parenthood that makes you old. That is one beautiful granddaughter you have.

    1. Thanks Gerry
      I’d like to read a little in that rule book. Is it available on Amazon?
      Maybe there is an explanation for someone adding to my age on my social security card…

  2. Gerry is quite right 🙂 Your lovely little Frida surely thinks it is sooo much nicer to be around you, in loving arms, learning new things, enjoying herself. Why sleep all day ? An adorable picture !

    1. I’m glad you like it. Actually she has a period where she prefers to be with Mum. Noone else. Yes, Dad perhaps.

  3. …and you don’t need to sleep in the daytime too, Carsten – even though YOU are getting a (tiny) YEAR older…ss
    Congratulation to you – the very BEST wishes with your new YEAR !
    & Frida is surely a nice little girl, Carsten
    Greetings from
    Käthe & Michael

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