2011 12 06

Looking forward to this years Christmas concert.
The choir “Sokkelund Sangkor” will perform J.S.Bach: The Christmas Oratorio. I can hardly wait until the 17th.
The concert will be held in this beautiful church, Garnisons Church in the center of Copenhagen.

2011 12 05

Soon it’ll be time for buying a tree for Christmas. Shall it be tall and reach for the ceiling – or small so there is plenty of space for dancing around it? Difficult questions…
No, the snow has not reached Copenhagen yet. This photo is from 2010 where we had snow from November.

2011 12 04

When I was a child my mother learnt us a tradition. We had four candles and lit the first on the first sunday of advent, two on the next and so on.
My wife buys large candles, so we have all four of them lit all four sundays up to Christmas. As you see, they will probably not burn down before Christmas.

2011 12 02

I suppose you have heard of “kravlenisser”. Nisser that are everywhere. I caught a couple in the cellar trying to hide when I unexpectedly entered the room.
The painting was bought on the scouts’ flea market for almost nothing. The houses are from Gudhjem, Bornholm. Denmarks easternmost island. (except from some small rocks off its coast).

2011 12 01

According to the calendar winter has begun. Someone forgot telling nature here. Please don’t!
The children have their calendars with 24 windows, each with a little picture of things related to Christmas.
We got this for counting the very few days until the Grande Finale from our daughter and daughter-in-law.
-The numbers are almost invisible, but the chocolate is: Delicious!