8 tanker om “Heading home”

  1. The black and white (or rather brown) gives the photo magic and mystery with the headline: I wonder how the ride home proceeds?!
    Images that set the imagination in motion – are good!

    1. It is not giving too much away to say that I reached home at last! –Or did I now kill the excitement?
      I tried to find the color of some of our old family pictures. I think this tone comes pretty close.

  2. I think it’s bronze. The photo I mean, not home. And it does match the sepia tones of the old family photos I encounter. I wish I could truly know what those photos looked like when they were brand new. Even more, I would like to see the tintypes with a contemporary eye. Contemporary, that is, to the time when the image was made.

    I would not like to live in Antrim County in 1890, no indeed. But I would very much like to glimpse it, just for a bit, as if I did.

    And now welcome home. I’ll bet there is a bright red Nisse hat lying in a corner somewhere. What do you suppose they’ve been up to while you were gone . . .

    1. I think Nisser are hibernating from Christmas + 3 days until Christmas – 2 months. Many years ago it was – 1 month.
      Sepia toning is not an ageing phenomen. It is (was) done by processing the photos with certain chemicals … I can’t locate my old photobooks at the moment.

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