Herlev Hospital

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When you come to Copenhagen by air, this is one of the landmarks. The Hospital in Herlev is the largest building outside the city. It is located about 10 km north-west from Copenhagen center.

Herlev hospital is one of the university hospitals in Denmark. It took 10 years to build and it was finished in 1976. The auditories to the left was ready for use in 1983.

The 25 stories tower has room for the patients and offices, and the low building in the back contains all the departments for treatment. The total area is 210,000 square meters or 2,260,000 square feet.

The grey concrete fits well to a grey and wet january day.




Bymidten | City center

Scott Thomas har udfordret til en dyst på lokalfotos. Se reglerne i hans blog.
Dette billede er af ældre dato, og falder derfor udenfor rammerne. Men det er en start. Der er frist til onsdag..
Billedet er fra Værløse Bymidte, og er taget i oktober med en Sigma 10..20 mm super vidvinkel.

Scott Thomas dares anyone to participate in this Collective Shooting.
My picture here is too old, and falls outside the frame of the ‘contest’. Anyway, it is a start, and the deadline is wednesday 28.

The place is the center of the city ‘Værløse’ where I live. Here we do most of our shopping. It is a nice place with many small shops and several supermarkets, ensurig fair prices and quality. I like it better here than where we came from 7 years ago.
The image is taken late in october when I was testing a Sigma 10..20 mm super wide angle lens. No cropping.
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