Tourist in Copenhagen

The Palace “Amalienborg” has been the residence of the Royal family for many years. The Palace consists of four more or less identical buildings. This part is named “Frederik VIII’s Palace” It has been refurbished during the past 6 years, and will soon be ready to host the coming King “Frederik X”. -That is when he take over from his mother “Queen Margrethe II”.

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  1. I love seeing this picture of a place I have read a little about! I think I might have mentiond before the book “Number the Stars” to you that we read in school with our 6th graders, which takes place in Denmark during the occupation. This palace, along with King Christian X, are described in the story.

    1. Yes I remember you mentioned it. It makes me a little bit proud to learn that we are known outside the border. Maybe I should post more tourist images from Copenhagen.

    1. I think you should visit Copenhagen Scott. It is a wonderful city. It is old – close to 850 years. The water in the harbour is clean and people swim in it. The Danes are nice and helpful – but much more shy and reserved than American people.
      While you are here, you should see some more of Denmark. I’m sure that some of the fellow bloggers and I can come up with suggestions for a loooong vacation.

    1. Thanks Nye. I’ll post more images from Copenhagen. Perhaps they will make you come here – perhaps you will have enough of Copenhagen from them 😉

  2. Nice to see your summer-pictures from Copenhagen. I agree in your description of us (Danes), so I would be happy to show bloggers and other visitors around in my part of Denmark – (Eastern) Jutland.

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