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Part of this years summer vacation took place in Kandestederne – a locality very close to the northernmost point in Denmark.
The landscape consists primarily of sand dunes with a flora dominated by Heather, Leymus and European Beachgrass. There are a couple of hotels and a place for camping in the area –  in addition to the small houses that can be rented for vacation. I don’t know how many there are. 100 – 200 at the most, I think.
There are only a few farmers there, struggling against the sand – it seems as if horses and summer tourists are what  makes their income.

The nature is not suited for agriculture because of the sand. The currents in the water erodes the coast and the strong wind from the North Sea blows the sand into the land. Our forefathers had a very hard job fighting the sand and they planted grasses and Shore Pine to stop the sand drift.
In this harsh area the government decided to protect one of the dunes so that people in the future - (us) could see what their ancestors had to fight. This area is called:Råbjerg Mile.  About 1 square km and 10 million tons of sand moving at a speed of 18 m (59 ft.) pr. year.

This huge mass of sand is full of motives for photographers. I want to show you a few of mine shots from this.
First a view in B&W:

And then some details of the rains and the winds work on the texture:
This topography reminded me of Star Wars:

Endless ripples – changing from one minute to the next…

Layers of dark, heavier particles arranged one day, eroded by slightly different wind direction the next day:

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  1. Such a lovely place Carsten, love the photos. I see you even get an extra credit on your second photo. 🙂

    1. Thanks Nye. The credit will probably be for the people in the image.
      I am very reluctant showing images with the people I know. Unless I have their accept – which I seldom ask for.
      I’ll post more from our vacation in this area later.

  2. This is wonderful, Carsten ! What an extraordinary place and great photos ! I love the patterns created by the wind in the dunes ands this sense of almost total isolation. I imagine how hard life must be there. A great post and a place well worth seeing. Thanks.

    1. You are right Isabelle. I try to imagine how it must have been when the only power available was horses.
      They had a church in Skagen which was flooded by sand. After several years fighting the sand, they had to abandon the church. It must have been a hard stroke for the poor and religious people in that region.

  3. These photos are stunning, and they remind me of Star Wars, too!

    I had no idea there was such an area in Denmark. It is strikingly like the dunes along the coast of Michigan (see, for example, http://www.leelanau.com/dunes/)
    –except that inland of our dunes has been fairly stable for a long time. My house is in a forested dune area just east of Grand Traverse Bay. I suspect the winds from the North Sea are moving yours along at a much brisker pace than ours!

    1. Thanks for the link Gerry.
      And I could not imagine that there were so large dunes where you live.
      Most of the dunes in Denmark are now forested or at least covered with sand grasses. There are only few places where the sand is out of control.
      I think that moving all this sand at an average speed of 18 m/year is fantastic.

  4. Hi!

    This is beautiful! I love it! I’m going to Copenhagen in a month visiting a fried. Do you know anywhere nearby where I can go and photograph? Anything on Skjælland is close enough 🙂 I really want to go to Fyn, but I’m only staying a few days, so I don’t think we’ll get the time. Oh, I’m so happy. I love Denmark 😀

    1. Hi Camilla.
      There are many motives in Copenhagen. Where to go depends on what kind of motives you want.
      If you want the colors and all the happy children, you could go to Tivoli. It in in the center of the city. Perhaps you would find the open air museum: http://www.nationalmuseet.dk/sw20384.asp interesting. It is a large collection of old houses not far from Copenhagen (14 km from center).
      If you like lots of people and the weather is good you could visit “Nyhavn” which is the oldest part of Copenhagens harbour with lots of restaurants and life.
      Tell a little about what kind of things you would like to see and I’ll try to help.
      Perhaps one of the other bloggers could suggest places too.
      Sjælland is not small. How far – or how long time do you want to use?

  5. That are indeed some very good pictures you have shot here from Kandestederne. It is a very special and beautiful place – these moving sand dunes. My favorite is the third one in b&w, great!

    1. We share that one as favourite.
      It was a little windy that day so the sand moved fast 10-20 cm above ground. It gave a good effect on the b&w picture.

  6. What very interesting pictures these are. The black and white ones looks like it could almost be snow. I love the one with the visible foot print in the sand! The storm troopers in the sand are pretty cool too!

  7. Carsten, this was very inspirational. I liked all the photos, but the first black and white sand photo took my breath away. Very nice! It was good to read your photo essay. Thank you.

  8. Sorry, Carsten, to be such a latecomer to this blog. I love your sand dune photos. They are lovely in their simplicity, but artfully crafted in exposure and composition. I really wish I could visit this area. I think it must be a photographer’s dream.

    1. Thank you very much Karen. I think this area is a drem for everybody who loves nature. The photos are an extra bonus.

  9. Oh my goodness Carsten…it has been way too long since my last visit! You have a treasure here in these photos! And I saw a darling new soul up above that I have yet to read about! I will catch up soon….

    These photos leave me in awe…so beautiful!

    1. Thank you so very much KD.
      I can see that I’m way behind reading your blog too. Dont wait for me, I’ll catch up too.

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