Blå time | Blue hour

Scott Thomas has challenged us with a new assignment on “blue hour photography“.
You can read about the blue hour effect on Scotts site.
This photo is from an area called “Fisketorvet” (Market square for fish trading) in Copenhagen harbor. The building is called “The Aller Building” and it houses The Aller Company, one of the largest publishers in Denmark.

The wood through the year

Once upon a time Scott Thomas wrote out an assignment “Four Seasons 2011”
The subject for this contribution is my gate to the wood. On this litte bench my wife and sat waiting for the real-estate broker. I immediately fell in love with this place. This view is now gone. The tree to the right fell because the bark was hurt by some machine. The little bench was pulled out of the ground and disappeared after a short time.
For quite some time I frequently took pictures here when I took a walk in the forest.
I do miss this view.
The order of the pictures is random.


The moon was “Close-up” the other day.
Someway it inspired me to come up with this contribution to Scotts 12th assignment.

Nop! Not close enough.

What about this:

Much better, but still….

Yes. Now we’re close. I know we are, but it is hard to see without scale. Let me try this instead:

If you click on the image you’ll get a slightly larger version.
Some tech data: ISO-100 f/32 100mm 30sec

Lets look for more details:

ISO-200, f/16, 6 sec 

This is what I can resolve with My Canon 7D and 100mm MACRO 2.8L IS USM

There is also a little assignment to you my dear visitor. The task is to find out what ties these images together.
Læs mere Close-up

Food Photography…

…is the theme of Scott Thomas’ 11th assignment.

The past weeks have been busy. I haven’t had time to read all my favourite blogs. And commenting: No way.
Never the less, I have become aware that Scott has set up another challenging assignment.
I have to respond to this.
Being busy also means that the kind of food prepared the latest days – since I saw Scotts blog – was not created for photography.
Fruit is among my favourite treats. This is what was left tonight for my still-leben.

I wish you all a happy new year. (Am I  late? – Well it is not the first time, and probably not the last :-))

If you don’t like apples. Læs mere Food Photography…

Portrait – again

My contribution to Scott Thomas’ assignment about portraiting is this image of a smiling girl.
The image was shot on a black background. I used two soft lights, one about 45 deg in front to her left and one about 90 deg to her right. 

The technical data are: Canon 7D with EF100mm f/2,8L Macro
Exposure:  ISO400, 1/125s,  f/4.5
Raw processing: Capture One.
Cropping and jpeg processing: PS CS3

Dagens portræt| Portrait of today

Scott Thomas has set up his 9th assignment: Portraiture.
Go to his blog and read the rules. I’m sure you are welcome to join in.
The portrait of today could be my contribution, but I’m thinking of something different.

Scott Thomas har givet endnu en opgave. Det drejer sig om portrætter. Klik ind på hans blog og læs om det. Du er velkommen til at deltage. Jo flere, jo sjovere. Dagens portræt kunne være med, men jeg finder nok ud af noget andet inden fristens udløb.


This post is a contribution to Scott Thomas’ assignment #8. Read about it on his site and feel free to join with your own input.

Part of this years summer vacation took place in Kandestederne – a locality very close to the northernmost point in Denmark.
The landscape consists primarily of sand dunes with a flora dominated by Heather, Leymus and European Beachgrass. There are a couple of hotels and a place for camping in the area –  in addition to the small houses that can be rented for vacation. I don’t know how many there are. 100 – 200 at the most, I think.
There are only a few farmers there, struggling against the sand – it seems as if horses and summer tourists are what  makes their income.

The nature is not suited for agriculture because of the sand. The currents in the water erodes the coast and the strong wind from the North Sea blows the sand into the land. Our forefathers had a very hard job fighting the sand and they planted grasses and Shore Pine to stop the sand drift.
In this harsh area the government decided to protect one of the dunes so that people in the future - (us) could see what their ancestors had to fight. This area is called:Råbjerg Mile.  About 1 square km and 10 million tons of sand moving at a speed of 18 m (59 ft.) pr. year.

This huge mass of sand is full of motives for photographers. I want to show you a few of mine shots from this.
First a view in B&W:

And then some details of the rains and the winds work on the texture:
This topography reminded me of Star Wars:

Endless ripples – changing from one minute to the next…

Layers of dark, heavier particles arranged one day, eroded by slightly different wind direction the next day: